Ali Al-Bayatti

Associate Professor in Cyber Security

Hackers Beaware !!

The university has introduced a Cyber Technology MSc degree to teach students how to plan for and protect against the growing threat posed by ever more sophisticated hackers.
It will look beyond the internet and study all aspects of the cyber domain, from protecting the computers that control our buildings to the infrastructure that controls our power stations and water supplies.
Students will study modules within four areas: cyber security, software engineering, digital forensics and management. The flexibility built into the Cyber Technology MSc gives students and employers the ability to tailor the programme to their individual careers and training needs.
Cyber security teaches students tools and techniques to harden computer systems against hacking attempts, along with the importance of data security and associated legal and ethical considerations.
Software engineering modules will lead students through the design, implementation, testing and deployment of bespoke software with emphasis on those used in safety and security critical applications.

The digital forensics modules, meanwhile, include investigating cyber security breaches, presenting findings as an expert witness and implementing effective data protection.
The course is taught in DMU’s renowned Cyber Security and Software Technology Laboratories, equipped with high-tech, specially customised PCs, and starts this month.
Dr Helge Janicke, Head of the Cyber Security Centre at DMU, said: “With high-profile hacking stories regularly reported in the media, the importance of evolving security techniques and skills is ever more vital and the cyber security industry is a booming one.
“This course has been designed to give students a full grounding in the latest techniques and skills needed, while also giving them a complete social, ethical and legal knowledge context, positioning them as ideal candidates to begin successful careers in a growing industry.
"We have produced what we believe to be the best cyber security MSc course available anywhere.”