Successful PhD Completion

Dr. Khalid Alodadi “Solving Non-Line of Sight using Context-aware Systems in Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks” De Montfort University (2016).
Dr. Ahmed Alghamdi “Features interaction: detection and resolution in Smart Homes Systems” De Montfort University (2016).
Dr. Tareq Binjammaz “
GPS Integrity Monitoring for an Intelligent Transport System“ De Montfort University (2015).
Dr. Abdullah Aldawsari “Context-aware Driving Behaviour Detection System in Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks“ De Montfort University (2015).
Dr. Yasser Almajed “Privacy Management in Data Warehousing” De Montfort University (2015).
Dr. Fahad Alqahtani “E-commerce Customer Anonymity and Fair Exchange Protocol for Digital Contents” De Montfort University (2015).
Dr. Abdulmalik Alhammad “Intelligent Parking Systems in Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks” De Montfort University (2015).
Dr. Hani Alquhayz “Security Management System for 4G Heterogenous Networks“ De Montfort University (2015).
Dr. Mussab Aswad “Crash Detection Model Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks” De Montfort University (2014).
Dr. Mafawez Alharbi “Context-aware Architecture ”, De Montfort University (2014).
Dr. Laila Alhimale “Fall Detection Algorithm for Video Images”, De Montfort University (2013).
Dr. Saif Al-Sultan “Context Aware Driving Behaviour Model for VANET”, De Montfort University (2013).

Dr. Awatef Rahuma “Semantically Enhanced Image Tagging System”, De Montfort University (2013).
Dr. Moath Al-Doori “Directional Routing Technique in Vehicle Ad hoc Networks, De Montfort University (2011).
Dr. Muhammed Khan “A Co-Evolutionary Framework to Reducing the Gap between and Information Technology (2011).

Current PhD Students (Main Supervisor)

Mr. Dennis Bohmlander "
Innovative Crash-sensing Architectures - A new approach in contactless vehicle crash detection" De Montfort University.
Mr. Raphael Riebl "Perfomance Testing methodology for Vehicle Ad hoc Networks" De Montfort University.

Mr. Sadir Fadhil "Context-aware overtaking assistant system. De Montfort University.

Current PhD Students (Co-Supervisor)

Current MSc Students

Successful MSc Completion

Mr. Shadman Salah (2014).

Mr. Ahmed Malik (2013) “Factors effecting Delivering Insulin for diabetic patients using Bayesian Networks”
Mr. Anjanna Silva (2013) “Car Polling System”
Mr. Anas Alsharif (2012) “Automated Taxi Dispatch System (Taxi Business) De Montfort University.
Mr. Mahran Alsubee (2012) “Intelligent Car Parking System - A case of City of Medina, Saudi Arabia” De Montfort University.
Mr. Salman Alenezi (2012) “The Lines Between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality” De Montfort University.
Mr. Uqonna Ekwueme (2011)“Intelligent Car Parking Schemes” De Montfort University.
Mrs. Nada Al-Fakih (2011) “Cloud Based Personal Health Record” De Montfort University.
Mrs. Entisar Alshirf (2011) “Selection of Computer Programming Languages for Developing Distributed Systems. De Montfort University.
Mrs. Ohud Almutairi (2011) “Designing an Effective Intersection Collision Warning System: An Investigation into Important Criteria” De Montfort University.
Mrs. Ruqayah Aljameel (2011) “The Application’s Usability Evaluation of Web-based Geographic Information System for Pst Office Webs” De Montfort University.
Mr. Khalid Shaban (2011) “Evaluating Mobile Application Performance and Power Consumption Trough Model-Driven Engineering Methodology” De Montfort University.
Mrs. Laila Elgamel (2011) “ Selection of Programming Languages for Developing Distributed Systems” De Montfort University.
Mr. Ahmed Alghamdi (2010) “Feasibility of Separating Control/Data in 802.11 Family” De Montfort University.
Mr. Mafawez Alharbi (2010) “Mobile Lecture” De Montfort University.
Mr. Abdulkariem Alqarni (2010) “Global Intelligent Parking Schemes” De Montfort University.
Mr. Abdullah Algashami (2010) “Good Practice for Effective E-assessment” De Montfort University.
Mr. Sharaf Alzhrani (2010) “Intelligent Application for Car Hiring (Mileage Tracking Application)” De Montfort University.
Mr. Anas Alsharif (2010) “Automated Taxi Dispatch System” De Montfort University.
Mrs. Asma Alothaim (2010) “Location Finder and Weather Forecast Application” De Montfort University.
Mr. Fauwaz Alshammari “Risk Management in Software Development Projects” De Montfort University.
Mr. Ali Almiman “Security Survey in VoIP” De Montfort University.
Mr. Thamir Alghamdi “Comparison of Two Parking Management Systems” De Montfort University.