This page provides a glimse at my various musical activities of over the years. I have composed or performed in a variety of styles, categorized roughly below. I perform mainly on saxophones (t,a,s), also electric guitar, keyboards, and custom electronics. Recently I have been playing regularly with the O-Bow instrument. I am attracted to improvization in all kinds of music.

Recently I have worked with groups in Leicester, UK, including the Dirty Electronics Ensemble of De Montfort University, Quad Electronics, and the Humberstone Choir. Previously I was a member of the electroacoustic collective nerve8 founded at the University of York, and the Chicago group Squirm*Orchestra. More information here

Some music downloads:

Electronic - Acoustic

Excerpts from Indian Summer (rough video) Mayur Narvekar (tabla/electronics) Dylan Menzies (sop) Scott Ellis (bass) Jim Tetlow (cajon) Dave Dhonau (cello) Ola Schmidt (vox/flute)
Harmonix, rehersal from Indian Summer 2011 (rough video) Mayur Narvekar (tabla/electronics) Dylan Menzies (sop) Dave Dhonau (cello) Ola Schmidt (vox/flute)
Quad37 I Dylan Menzies (sop./fx) Scott Ellis (Bass) Jim Tetlow (vox/laptop/cajon)
Quad37 II Dylan Menzies (sop./fx) Darren Baxter (darbuka/fx)
Alan Freeman (guitar/fx)
Quad37 III Dylan Menzies (sop./fx) Scott Ellis (Bass) Mel Fernandes (vox) Alan Freeman (guitar/fx)
Quad29 Dylan Menzies (e. guitar), Jim Tetlow (electronics).
intro fin  found fin
Dave Dhonau, Dylan Menzies (alto/tenor sax improv).
Inkdance  Zengarden  Dylan Menzies (duduk improv), Jim Tetlow (computer production).
PWM1-1 PWM 1-2 PWM 1-3 Dylan Menzies (analog electronics), Jim Tetlow (computer).
w pościeli ze śniegu by James Kelly, Dylan Menzies (tenor sax).
Red piano by James Kelly, Dylan Menzies (tenor sax)
Nocturnal Dreems Diurnal (6.7M)  Squirm*Orchestra.

Perarsin (2.8M) Squirm*Orchestra.
I luv molecules (4.0M) Squirm*Orchestra.
blue yonder (7.0M)
5-6-7 (3.6M) nBars = lcm[5,6,7], for live flute.
subzero (5.0M)
cut to the chase (3.6M)
333Hz (22.9M)
classical bop (5.2M)
media bop (2.9M)
Alanis remix (7.0M) with Tom Sayer.


Westminster (12M)  Improv Dylan Menzies (tenor sax), Mike Sole (piano), Eric Rupert (bass), Dave Anderson (drums).
Bulgaric (13M)  Improv with above line-up.
warmup (6.4M) Dylan Menzies (tenor sax).
travel light (2.2M) Dylan Menzies (piano) and viola.
18 years (4.7M) Written by Dylan Menzies, Dylan Menzies (piano)
train arrive (2.9M) Blues standard, Dylan Menzies (piano).
gav jam (2.5M) Dylan Menzies (tenor sax), Gavin Doherty (guitar).


Ceramic Bowl (8.3M) bowl, live electronics, 8-channel rig : stereo mix.  more info.
ZFX (5.1M) digital feedback effects and a cyberwhistle.
lifeforms (4.3M) Using d
pulsar (14.8M) Csound composition.
epianola (2.9M)
spacevibes (1.1M)
sidratI (2.3M)  extract 1. for percussion, live electronics, and 12-channel Ambisonic rig.
sidratII (2.6M) extract 2.