MSc Computer Systems COMP

Prepared by Eric Goodyer

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The next link will download Borland C++ V 1.05 - it seems to be more recent than the V2.01 that I posted last night. Use this one if you can, as it is the closest to the one running in the lab
Borland Turbo C V 1.05

Below is a ZIP file that contains Borlands Turbo C V2.01 - it is not as recent as the one in the lab, but seems to work OK
It does not support the use of // to mark comments, so you will have to use the older method of wrapping comments between
/* and */

Borland Turbo C V 2.01

I have also zipped up an image of my own copy, which is more up to date. You will need to unzip it retaining the directory structure - it is probably an image of V1.05

Another Turbo C

If you want to see the full list of free Borland Downloads go to


Last update 8 Oct 2003

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