MSc Computer Systems COMP 5102

Teaching Plan

Hardware Section

The table below outlines a teaching plan for the MSc Computer Systems module.

Please note that this is for guidance only and WILL change.

Prepared by Eric Goodyer
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Last updated 26 Aug 2004

Under self-study there are a number of references to a book by Sibigtroth which is intended as an introduction to the Motorola 6805 Microcontroller. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO STUDY THIS DEVICE OR ITS' PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE. It is recommended because its' general purpose chapters on computer architecture provide a well written introduction to this subject which is relevant to all computers. You can download the entire book using the link provided.

You will find the links will take you to material that is found on other Staff Members' web-sites, in particular Morteza Safasi and Ian Sexton. Both these sites contain other relevant material that may be of interest to you - Morteza Safasi  Ian Sexton


Lecture Queens 0.17

Lab Queens 1.01 & 3.01/2

Reading/Self Study/Unsupervised Lab

27th Sep

Introduction To Number Systems

My First Computer - hardware building blocks

Introduction To Lab

C Programming Lab 1

Web notes on information representation

Introduction to C - to be used in any lab running GNU C or TURBO C

4th Oct

My First Computer - software building blocks

C Programming 1

C Programming Lab 2
C Programming Lab 3

Introduction to C - to be used in any lab running GNU C or TURBO C

Morteza's tutorial 4 (MS Word

An 8253 web site

An 8255 web site

(These are the best that I could find - if you find better then please tell me)

13th Oct

Peripheral Devices
8255 8253

[C Programming 2 - if required]

Course Work Session 1  


Free Compiler

Some (WORD) notes on 82xx type devices

Some (HTML) notes on 82xx type devices

What is a microcontroller, Computer Numbers & Codes [Sibigtroth]

Basic logic elements [Sibigtroth]

Interrupts & DMA

11th Oct

I/O Interrupts and DMA

 Course Work Session 2  

Computer Memory & Parallel I/O [Sibigtroth]

Serial & Parallel I/O

18th Oct


 Course Work Session 3 


25th Oct




1st Nov




8th Nov




15th Nov




22nd Nov




29th Nov




6th Dec




13th Dec