Ferrante Neri, PhD,

Professor of Computational Intelligence Optimisation


Last update November 2017


The Full Curriculum Vitae in pdf can be downloaded.

The Full List of Publications is here

Biographical notes


I am a Professor of Computational intelligence Optimisation at De Montfort University. 

I am also 
- Associate Head of School of Computer Science and Informatics 
- Subject Group Leader in Games, Mathematics and Intelligent Systems

My research interests include metaheuristics optimisation and computational modelling.

Contact information:

Centre for Computational Intelligence,

The Gateway,

De Montfort University, Leicester, United Kingdom

Office GH 4.60a

email: fneri@dmu.ac.uk

Phone number : +44-01162078570

If the world does not adapt itself to you, you have to adapt yourself to it!” 

(Gil Grissom)

Selected Research Activities

  1. -Editorial member of Memetic Computing

  2. -Associate Editor of Information Sciences

  3. -Member Editorial Advisor Board for Integrated Computer Aided Engineering 

  4. -NEW!! Special Issue on Differential Evolution (SWEVO, Elsevier) deadline March 2018


- F. Neri, C. Cotta, P. Moscato “Handbook of Memetic Algorithms”, Studies in Computational Intelligence, Springer, 2012

Teaching 2017-2018

IMAT1202: Foundations and Linear Algebra (Algebra I)

IMAT2201: Linear Algebra and Discrete Mathematics (Algebra II)

Given Name: Ferrante         Surname: Neri

Year and place of birth : 1978, Bari, Italy

My Research Profiles