David Elizondo is a Principal Lecturer in the Department of Computer Technology at De Montfort University (Directions from Train Station to DMU). After completing his BA in Computer Science from Knox College , Galesbourg, Illinois, USA, he worked as a software engineer/lab manager for a latinoamerican agronomical research and teaching institute based in Costa Rica ( CATIE ). This institute, through a Swiss project, sponsored him to do a MS in Artificial Intelligence at the Department of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing of the University of Georgia, Athens, Georgia, USA. After this he obtained a PhD in computer science from the University of Strasbourg , France in cooperation with the Swiss Dalle Molle Institute for Perceptual Artificial Intelligence (IDIAP). He then worked for Neuvoice, formerly Neural Systems, a spin off company of the University of Plymouth , UK. As a senior researcher he worked in the development of an intelligent monitoring system for the petroleum industry. This system was based on neural network techniques. Later, he worked as a software architect for ACTERNA, an international company which supplies software/hardware solutions to telecom companies. He was part of the team developing QMS, a quality of service management system for leased lines. In parallel to this work, he was a part time lecturer at the University of Plymouth where he taught database, and data structures and algorithms.