Ali Al-Bayatti

Associate Professor in Cyber Security

Hackers Beaware !!

The university has introduced a Cyber Technology MSc degree to teach students how to plan for and protect against the growing threat posed by ever more sophisticated hackers.
It will look beyond the internet and study all aspects of the cyber domain, from protecting the computers that control our buildings to the infrastructure that controls our power stations and water supplies.
Students will study modules within four areas: cyber security, software engineering, digital forensics and management. The flexibility built into the Cyber Technology MSc gives students and employers the ability to tailor the programme to their individual careers and training need. Read More…

MSc Cyber Technology

Cyber Technology MSc is a new specialist programme designed for students and professionals that want to develop their practical and academic skills in the area of computer science, cyber security and digital forensics. This new programme can be tailored to the training and development needs of the student, or sponsoring organisation, through a large number of module choices in the areas of computer science, cyber security, digital forensics and management. The course will be taught in a block-mode of four days contact time here at our specialist facilities of the Cyber Security Centre and Software Technology Research Laboratory or through our collaborative providers. During this time you will develop technical and professional skills through targeted activities.
The course introduces you to four main pathways: Cyber Security, Software Engineering, Digital Forensics and Management. It can be studied by combining modules from all four pathways, allowing you to specialise in your chosen area of interest. You have the opportunity to choose mixed pathways, for example the choices of modules could lead to a degree in Cyber Security with Management. Below is the full description of the pathways:

are and information technology. New product development, change management, software development and event management are examples of the type of projects benefiting from a structured management approach. Read More…